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SC PROMOART S.R.L., as the Beneficiary, has completed the implementation of the project with the title " Extension of the advanced capacity to carry out printing activities in order to increase the competitiveness of PROMOART SRL", SMIS 114276, financial contract no. 2570 / 06.07.2018, financed through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority axis 2 - "Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises", Investment priority 2.2. - "Supporting the creation and extension of advanced production capacities and the development of services".

The general objective of the project is to extend the advanced capacity of the printing activities in order to improve and strengthen the competitiveness of PROMOART SRL in the market by equipping it with high-performance equipment.

The specific objectives of the project are aimed at:

OS1: Providing the company with 16 high performant equipment units, 14 intangible assets, including more energy efficient equipment, until the end of the project implementation;

OS2: Achieving product and process innovation by introducing modern technologies in line with international quality standards, which will have the effect of both reducing the time to provide services and increasing their quality;

OS3: Increasing the visibility and efficiency of the company through:

✓ Participation in international fairs within the domain as an exhibitor that will lead to the increase of the market share and the reputation of the company in the field of printing activity on the national and international market

✓ carrying out information and publicity activities

✓ certification of management systems and printing activity

✓ Company audit.

Project results:

1. 1 project implemented

• 4 Quarterly activity reports

• Reimbursement requests / payment requests

• 4 Progress Reports

2. Acquisition of tangible and intangible assets:

• 16 equipment units

• 1 set of specific equipment for obtaining energy saving

• 14 intangible assets

3. Procurement of services:

• Process and service innovation and their validation through

○ Certification of management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

○ Certification of the printing process according to EN ISO 12647-2/7/8:2013

• Participation in at least 1 international fair in the field as an exhibitor

• Information and publicity

• Project audit

The total value of the project is 1,617,613.35 lei, the value of the non-reimbursable amount being 974,264.05 lei.


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Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020

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