If in Outdoor Printing dimension is everything, when it comes to Indoor Printing, the emphasis is on the resolution, because in most cases it is seen from short distance, from which any defect can be easily observed.

To provide our partners with the highest quality products, our indoor prints are made only on dedicated printers, at a resolution up to 1440 dpi. In order to outline a high quality final product, we pay special attention to the finishes we make in the smallest detail.


Outdoor Printing can be done on several materials depending on the chosen destination:

  • Frontlit for printing the message on one side
  • Blockout for printing the message both sides
  • Backlit for light panels and light boxes
  • Mesh for decorating buildings
  • Plexigals, PVC, MDF or Bond boards

The quality of our products is guaranteed by:

  • print at 1080 dpi high resolutions
  • speeds up to 250 mp2 / hour
  • ink used: solvent / UV
  • metal eyelets using automatic robot