The main aim of our organization is to provide the market with quality products and services in the graphic field and large format indoor and outdoor print, digital and offset printing, promotional materials, display systems, personalization services, which would bring the satisfaction of our customers and partners, in close relation with our care for the environment and employees. In this regard, we implement efficient working and monitoring methods and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with renowned suppliers in the field.

We already have the experience of a qualified staff, which has continuously improved its level of preparation and has managed to impose itself through its results. Therefore, we will never give up the values ​​that characterize us and that we follow in our daily work:

  • • we understand the needs of clients and other stakeholders and we are a dedicated team
  • • our employees have full confidence in the partnership we have built
  • • we want the sustainable development of our organization, in compliance with the regulatory requirements applicable to the field in which we operate, including compliance with legal and other environmental and occupational health and safety requirements.
  • • adopting a proactive attitude in preventing pollution of the environment, preventing injuries and occupational diseases

In order to achieve these expectations, we set the following concrete objectives:

  • • reducing resource consumption, improving waste and hazardous chemicals management
  • • increasing the portfolio of active clients
  • • reducing atmospheric pollution and the level of noxiousness in the workplace
  • • reducing the level of accident / occupational disease risk and keeping to "0" the number of environmental accidents and accidents at work, both for employees and for contractors
  • • improving communication of environmental and organizational health and safety requirements to suppliers

The management of the company is oriented towards the performance, promotion and professional and individual development of the staff and they are considered, more than executives, partners in the creation and development of the organization. We aim to offer to the members of the organization the satisfaction of a job in a safe and friendly environment.

The concern for the well accomplished tasks and orders, the desire of each of us to contribute to the success of the organization are a permanent concern of all our employees. Respect for colleagues, for clients and, last but not least, for the organization is applied in daily work.

Our organization intends to maintain and continuously improve the integrated management system, according to the standards SR EN ISO 9001: 2008, SR EN ISO 14001: 2005 and SR OHSAS 18001: 2008. In everything we do, the continuous implementation and improvement of the efficiency of the integrated management system within the organization guides our actions, in order to satisfy the clients' demands and the expectations of our partners.