Why we chose to access European funds

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If you only do things whose answers you know beforehand, your company is doomed to failure. - Jeff Bezos

When you start a business, you never know what your future holds. You just have to be as anchored as you can at the moment and hope that you sense correctly what is about to happen. A business comes packaged with a lot of uncertainty and with such a wide range of choices that you can't constantly ask yourself if you've done the right thing.

To answer Jeff Bezos: we didn't know everything from the beginning. No one is born a learned man, not even an entrepreneur. When we started our journey in 2006, we mainly deal with promotional items made of natural leather. This was our only niche. At that time we didn't even dream of getting to where we are today.

Many start from a general idea, and then they specialize. We took it the other way around. We started from something as specific as possible, and then we expanded our portfolio and expertise as we understood the trends and developments in the field.

One thing has not changed over time: our passion for advertising.

Otherwise, everything is subject to change. Business model, objectives, performance indices ... If you are not flexible, you are subject to failure. So we also changed direction as the wind of change blew. We reoriented ourselves to the large format printing and invested everything we had in that direction. We started to do indoor and outdoor print, car wrapping, volumetric letters, neon sign ... In short: just about everything a business needs to increase its visibility.

But this sector is extremely competitive. We supplemented both the production space and the number of devices. And when it was no longer enough, we turned to European funds. We thought that if we do not take this step in time, others will do it in our place, and all our work will be in vain.

We considered that this option would be most beneficial to our partners. If we had applied for a bank loan or lease, we would have had to cut from other parts: software, promotion, equipment. And since innovation is an essential component of our belief, it would not be right to make a choice to the detriment of our customers, would it?

We made the promise that you will always find the latest technologies and the best solutions to enhance your business. So we acted accordingly. The project refers to the extension of the advanced capacity to realize the printing activities in order to increase the competitiveness. To make it simpler, we appealed to the European Regional Development Fund in order to keep up with market trends.

The project had a total value of 1.617,613 lei. We invested this money in production technology, which, in particular, means better quality, higher production speeds and new products. We completed the implementation of the project in July of this year.

We try to do everything by the book, saving resources, investing in staff and taking care of the environment. We work daily first of all with us, so that we can provide you with the best service. We hope to expand even further, entering the industrial sector with small steps.

As soon as possible, we hope to provide you with an even wider range of services, such as small series products obtained with the help of CNC, packaging, templates or even patterns for the textile industry made using the digital cutting board.

And our journey does not end here. We strive to meet your needs, whatever they may be. This is how we managed to become the factory with the highest capacity for outdoor and indoor print in the north of the country and one of the best-rated companies in advertising production.

Only by embracing change can you grow. And the courage to face the challenges never goes unrewarded. Confidence of customers and partners is the most important capital of a business. This stage would not have been possible without it, so thank you for trusting us. Instead, we promise to always rise to the expectations.

To as many achievements together as possible,
The Promoart team

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