How and Why: Large print & rigid print

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Digital marketing has not killed the advertising banners. On the contrary.

There is so much talk about digital marketing that we sit and wonder if there is room for other kinds of advertising. Does it make sense to invest elsewhere than on the internet for brand awareness? The answer is yes, unequivocally.

There are still countless opportunities for those who want to be noticed using OOH (Out Of Home) advertising. We can say without restraint that banners and large print reach the peak right now, in full digital age.

Most companies give up investing in advertising space in newspapers or magazines, but still allocate budgets for this kind of advertising. This shows that OOH advertising is still a viable channel, whose glory will not fade soon.

Not even the Z generation (those born after 1990), the one which is dependent on technology and obsessed with the presentation of any product or service, is not immune to the charms of billboards. A study shows that 64% of the exponents of Generation Z do not click on the advertisements on various sites, but 84% of them pay attention to the advertisements they see on the street.

So why is large size print the best choice for your company?

First of all because it guarantees you a continuous audience, which cannot be escaped from with a simple click. There will always be traffic on the most important arteries of a city, intersections are most often blocked, both pedestrians and drivers are required to stop and look around while waiting for the green light.

In addition, it is a safe weapon for combating audience fragmentation. The more specialized the online publications and media become, the more people have more choices. So they will go where they want for relevant information and content, thus avoiding advertising that would not be relevant to them.

Just think about how you change your channel when it's an ad break. Or when you're in the car and the radio ads come. And on the internet you are most likely using an ad blocker. You've been immunized against sponsored content on social media; your eyes already have a filter that makes you skip ads without blinking. In contrast, on the street you can hardly choose whose ads you are exposed to.

In addition to these advantages, street advertising also has the gift of being more memorable. Maybe because everyone does their best when exposed to such a large number of potential customers. A good advertising campaign will never skip this kind of exposure.

How do we do it?

The large print is becoming more accessible and faster. It can mean large banners, billboards or posters with high resolution, street panels made on hard support or meshes for various surfaces, usually used for decorating buildings.

For both large print and rigid print, we use UV inks to maintain photographic quality and colour fidelity. We finish the material in such a way as to withstand the weather and external factors, to improve the life of our products.

And because we want to be one step ahead of everyone, we will share our little secret about the print on rigid material: unlike those who print a sticker and paste it on various types of surfaces, we print directly on the material. Ceramic, glass, plexiglass, foam, bond, polycarbonate or any other flat rigid material. And we do it in great style, at a resolution that amazes you.

This technique gives you a low cost compared to sticking the sticker on the respective materials, but also a superior visual appearance, because this eliminates any imperfection that may occur when you glue the sticker. Moreover, it allows you to be more creative with the form of presentation of your advertisement.

If the banners are only banners, the print on rigid material lets you play with the shapes and gives you a lot of materials to choose from. It combines this type of print with digital cutting, and we guarantee you will attract anyone's attention.

You know what they say- Go big or go home. And this applies in advertising more than anywhere else. The bigger your sign, the greater your visibility. The more creative you are with it, the more chances you have of remaining in the public's mind.

Whatever you choose, either banner or street pannel, you will find a reliable partner in us. It is essential to be present where you have the greatest chance of being noticed. You don't have to waste any opportunity, and we're here to make sure you get noticed from a distance.

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