How did we get to be this fast?

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Rule no. 1: nothing is put on hold

Nowadays, everything is fast ahead. All good things are just a click away. And the most appreciated products and services are those that are carefully made and quickly delivered. We think about you: you are an entrepreneur or an expert in your field, the speed of reaction is your second nature, because you must always be one step ahead of the others in the industry.

From you we have learned that if you do not move fast enough, others will do it for you. And eventually they will take your place. We are raised and modelled by the culture of speed: the websites have to load fast, the services must be "at minute" and the communication "at second".

To paraphrase Zall's second law, let's say that time is different depending on what part of the problem you are in. We know you don't like it when you are put on hold at tech support, because the problem you have at the moment is your main priority. Unfortunately, it is often not the same for the respective department. You have an "order number", grit your teeth and wait for your turn.

Not with us. Your problem is a priority and we like to believe that we have the right solution. But especially a fast one. You knew that our orders are honoured within 24 hours? So the banners or flyers for next week's presentation can be with you tomorrow, at this time, wherever you are.

Rule no. 2: with the right technology, everything is moving better

We came to the conclusion that depending on how fast you move, the results appear. Applications, orders, projects, partners, collaborators. We took a little from Google's philosophy, to be honest. Google puts great value on the speed at which results are displayed.

Those at Google have realized that if the results appear fast, searchers are inclined to come back and look for something else. It encourages you to launch a search, gives you feedback and motivates you to repeat the process.

Whenever something comes to mind, Google is already there. There is no bit of synchronization between the thought and the action of searching, it gives you no opportunity to give up the search or find out something new. As if Google had already become an extension of our minds.

And we want it to be just as natural for our potential customers to call us and get the satisfaction of a quality finished product. That's why we work with state-of-the-art technology to make your workflow more efficient.

What technology, you ask?

First of all, the latest versions of Photoshop and Corel Draw, for unique designs, that will enhance your business. Everything goes smoothly when the software has no lag and when you have a well-trained team behind, who knows all the little things.

We also use the Raster image processor software, namely Caldera RIP V13. Such software renders colours with much greater fidelity and has a high order processing speed, regardless of the size of the final product. It has a lot of functionalities that help us offer you the promotional materials to represent you.

We work with the most advanced spectrophotometer, also from Caldera, because we like the vivid and vibrant colours. The identity and personality of the brand depends as much on the colour palette as on the graphics and fonts you choose.

Any slight distortion of the original colour scheme can affect the way you look. A seemingly insignificant difference in shade can totally change the message that your brand identity transmits. We are in the service of colours and devote all our resources to provide faithful shades and strong tones.

Our entire network is protected and centralized with the help of Cisco, and our data is safe thanks to Synology. We anticipated everything and invested in the technology we need to be able to be as efficient as our partners expect us to be.

Promoart is a well-oiled machine, designed to work intelligently

We are not the infallible robot that spins all day long between complex machines, but we have the highest quality software and hardware to help us do our job well. We do not waste time with processes that can be automated. If there is a smart solution for them, you will surely find it in us.

If new technology comes on the market, we will try to be the first to bring it home. Because money cannot buy time itself, but it can buy all kinds of devices to help you save time or use it wisely.

So, you're in good hands. You have arrived at the place where your time is valued, and the problems are solved with passion and dedication by a team dedicated to the work done with your head.

Your image is safe with us.

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