Rigid materials (Boards) can be finished using a digital flatbed cutter or a CNC.

Flatbed cutting plotter

The digital flatbed cutter is the ideal solution for the manufacture of samples or for the production of packaging, display systems, signage or for cutting materials in any form.


  • Very short set-up time and should not be fussy.
  • High cutting speed.
  • Types of materials supported: corrugated cardboard, plastic, foam, EVA foam, rubber, composite materials, etc.
  • Cutting speed: Up to 1200mm / s (depending on the type of material processed)
  • Working surface (mm): 3000 x 2000
  • Cutting depth: Up to 50 mm (depending on the type of material)


It is used for cutting and engraving in large format, for drawing materials and for cutting letters or other volumetric objects. In order to engrave or cut with the CNC router, vector files are needed, preferably in cdr format.

The materials that can be cut are: plexiglass, PVC, ABS plastic, forex, wood, MDF, plywood, composite aluminium, brass, stainless steel and other types of metals, debond, alucubond etc.

The mills with which we cut or engrave are varied, depending on the thickness and type of the material processed. For cutting, one or more passes are required, depending on the thickness of the material. Also here we must take into account the fact that at the inner corners, the angle will have a certain roundness, after the thickness of the milling cutter.

Types of supported materials: wood, plastics, or non-ferrous metals.

Cutting speed: 20 ml / min

Cutting depth: Up to 20 mm (depending on the type of material)