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If you are here, it means that you want to be one step ahead of your competitors. Coincidence or not, we are here for the same reason: because we know that a powerful brand the image is the key to the success of a business. We are your reliable help in the field of advertising production, signage and promotional materials. We print anything on a lot of materials (mesh, polyplan, stickers, MDF, cardboard, foam, plexiglass, bond or magnetic foil).

Outdoor Print

This is the most common promotion tactic in the arsenal of any successful business, which you must not miss out under any circumstances. Advertising banners and billboards are the most effective outdoor advertising tools. These are made on materials of the highest quality, at 1440 dpi resolution, with solvent or UV inks. That`s for you to be well seen from a distance.

Indoor Print

Your image should be refined and perfectly shaped to the slightest detail. Being as important as the Outdoor Print is, the Indoor one speaks as much, but more personally, about your business. Made with great attention to detail, at a much higher resolution than the Outdoor (1440 dpi), the Indoor Print adds colour and personality to the place.

Flatbed Print

Our specialized printers deal with even the most difficult types of materials. This type of print represents the ideal solution for personalizing the most rebellious materials (plexiglass, wood, glass, foam, etc.). By eliminating any imperfections that may occur when wrapping vnyl, this technology offers a much more pleasing visual appearance at a reduced cost.

Exposure Systems

Ideal for company stands or for different types of presentations, these systems are made of super-light metal structure and are provided with special attachment mechanisms for easy mounting. Thus you can take the image with you wherever it is needed.

Digital cutting

We have all heard about the theory of shapes without fond, but what about the fond without a shape? Much more, we believe. That's why we cut everything on the contour with an oscillating knife or by milling. Yes, even plexiglass or bond. Because good ideas deserve an equally good form of presentation.


Let's get into the details. Because a positive experience is felt even in the smallest interactions and because a visionary entrepreneur uses with style every opportunity for promotion. We "beautify" whatever you need, regardless of the type of promotional material. We work with a lot of textures, including textiles, to give you exactly the product you need.​

Digital printing

No matter how far marketing has come, we still cannot get rid of leaflets and their "family." And if we still do them, we want to do them well, from A to Z: brochures, catalogues, business cards, flyers, presentation maps and many more (we also passed them in alphabetical order to support our assertion).

Car wrapping

Regardless of the size of your business, auto wrapping is an ingenious solution to get noticed. It's a moving advertisement, so it reaches even more people. Wherever you travel, it will accompany you. In order for your business to run smoothly (on its own wheels), we provide you with different solutions, such as full or partial wrapping.

About us, in a few words

We dared from the beginning to think on a large scale. We like people who are inspiring, full of ideas and who run their businesses with passion. This is because we, in our turn, are a team of young and dynamic people, in the service of details and colours. We respond with ability and promptness to your needs, because we want to be more than just a specialized service provider - we want to become your reliable long-term partner.

For over 15 years we have been making large prints, but we do not mind the challenges. We do everything by the book, to make the best of your business image. We give life to your ideas, at the highest standards, for a quality that is seen and felt.



Who we are

Andrei Stanciu

General Manager

Adrian Poroch

Technical Manager

Mihaela Hodoroabă

Account Executive


About us

Why to work with us?

Your company deserves all the best in the field of image. We are at your disposal at any time, regardless of the project, whether it is large format printing, indoor or outdoor, promotional materials of any kind, exhibition systems or customizations on any type of material. We also offer advice on making mockups, samples and delivery anywhere in the country because we know that the most valuable capital is trust. We want to be an inspired choice and a reliable partner for our customers. Here are some benefits of working with us:

  • Low prices and excellent quality - you can have both.
  • We want to rise to the expectations of our customers, so we are always in step with new trends and technologies in the field.
  • We work as fast and well as we communicate: the order arrives within 24 hours, wherever you are.
  • We have only one chance to impress the customer, that is why we like to let our products speak for us.